Our History



  When I became a photographer in 1989, there was no Photoshop or digital cameras.  The only way to correct a flaw in a picture was to take it again.  It took up to three days to process the film in a lab and get prints. These revealed whether or not we had the desired look. I generally took many pictures to make sure I had the right shot.  With film, processing, setup time, studio rent, and model costs, photography and retakes were expensive, in both time and money. 

  So... I learned to use several methods to make sure I had the correct shot before clicking. I bracketed my exposures, checked for unwanted objects, took Polaroids to perfect the lighting, and double-checked my composition.  Getting the image right the first time was a challenge and an art form.

  My experience paid off when the industry switched from film to digital photography. Now, I rarely if ever, need to use Photoshop to make corrections.  This gives me an edge over others who depend on Photoshop to correct their mistakes after the fact.  During a photo shoot I use a laptop to do my preliminary testing of lighting and composition, and then I make any needed adjustments. 

Clients see their images immediately on site or off. They appreciate seeing the proofs immediately and give me their feedback. I  create the results they want on the spot, avoiding expensive do-over sessions.

  Don’t get me wrong, Photoshop is a wonderful tool, and I do know how to use it well.  But it’s so much better to get it right in the camera. You’ll have photographic perfection while saving time and money.